Guadalupe River

It’s very quiet here in the thick woods next to the Guadalupe River. Even though it’s sunny and 65-70 degrees the campground is mostly empty until the weekend. We’ll stay here tomorrow for a workday and see a bit of San Antonio and Fredericksburg on Friday and Saturday.

Yes, Thursday was a good day. We ignored the impulse to use every minute to see as much as possible, and gave the day to ourselves. Some walking on the river, a little exercising in the sun and some new patterns appeared. I spent part of the afternoon cooking up a potato pot pie stew and a pineapple upside down cake for Jennifer’s birthday. (No matter that it turned out to be more of a tart than a cake).

Friday birthday breakfast was a tofu scramble, roasted potatoes, a pot of grits, vegan gravy, toast and chai tea. Syd and I walked while Jenn closed up the projects she’d been into. Now we’re headed to Fredericksburg to wander around and maybe go 2 stepping. I’m developing a limp just thinking about it.

So Fredericksburg was a great place, and on the way we stumbled on Luckenbach just because google maps found a traffic jam and rerouted us! We had a great meal at the Crossroads Saloon and window shopped before the band came on at 8:30, so it was as a late night back home to get ready for San Antonio on Saturday.

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