San Antonio

Big town. Much less congested than Austin, until we were walking around, which we did based on wanting to see just the basics. The Alamo, the Precidio, the river walk, the Mexican market, and the La Villita arts district. I have to say my favorite was lunch, which was all about the sauces.

The Alamo is hard to describe. It’s just an old building that’s been almost completely rebuilt until you walk in and get a sense of the enormous impact those few (200 or so?) soldiers had on the whole history of Texas by choosing to die rather than surrender.

So at this point we’ve seen what we came to see in Texas. I’ve been really impressed… well actually pleasantly surprised at the fact that everywhere we went we find really laid back and genuinely friendly folk.

The blue is our route and side trips are in yellow

We stopped to lay out a route to California, and on the advice of a lady who owned Jennifer’s favorite jewelry store in Round Top we decide on a detour to what will be our very best stop in Texas. After 10 nights in the heart of the place we will drive 450 miles west to Marfa, Texas for two more nights – that quickly turn into five.

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