About the SOBs

Jennifer and Hugh are bean lovers who’ve stepped out of the day to day, into the present moment. Hugh retired in 2018. Jennifer is a fabric designer who works mostly from the road.

For health reasons, but also as a matter of preserving the earth, we are committed vegans. Hugh is a member of a successful Ornish cohort in Asheville, NC. Jennifer has from the beginning given her avid support and creativity to maintaining a tiny but versatile and always healthy camper kitchen.

Sydney is a Carolina Hound who joined us after an internship at the Stanley County Humane society. She enjoys running and playing and is equally at home on the foot of our bed or in the back seat of our 2011 Lexus LX 570 tow vehicle.

Our home since April 2018 is a 22′ Airstream obtained from an Airstream dealer who does custom builds. Jennifer designed the layout, storage solutions, lighting, finishes and appliances, while Hugh concerned himself with the tankage, outside lights, power generation and overall weight reduction.

Finally, based on the places we go, the things we see and the comforts of home we enjoy with our award winning companion Sydney, we have come to realize that in almost every sense of the word, we are billionaires.


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