Austin and Waco

We landed a great site at a county park in Georgetown just north of Austin and convenient to Waco as well. At dusk we regularly saw deer on the approach road. The wind blew, but it was warm in the midday and still too cool for rattlesnakes. A perfect place to chill out after our days in the city. We decided to take some ‘zero’ time here, cook some of the great vegetables available locally, and then do whirlwind visits to Austin and Waco.

Lake Georgetown

Austin is famous for traffic and construction and toll roads and no place to park, but not to be put off, we persevere and find a nice area to walk up 6th street past the Hotel Driskill and then up and down Congress and out Ceasar Chavez to the new public library, which is a masterpiece. There are lots of music venues and restaurants and classy shops, and even a bronze statue of Willie. No doubt the music scene would be very impressive, but we didn’t get to stay around for a show, since Tuesday night isn’t the best time anyway. Still, it was all fun and we did resolve to return for another downtown look sometime. Besides, Texas is the home of so many musical stars, from Leadbelly to Kelly Clarkson to Janis Joplin to Selena to Lefty Frizzell to George Jones and the list goes on and on. Next time we’ll park the shack somewhere and stay in a downtown hotel for a few extra days.

We also took a nice walk up Mount Bonnell just west of downtown. We had a great view of the Colorado running through Austin, where it runs into Lake Lady Bird, with mansions all along the shoreline. After that, its an hours drive in evening traffic to chill out with a glass of wine and … the evening news.

Waco was fun as well. It really was.

The drive up I-35 was fun because I do like to drive 85 or 90 when it’s appropriate, and from Austin to Waco it’s kind of mandatory. We also got to breeze through Baylor, which was cool, and on the way Jennifer was searching Waco restaurants, which always cheers me up.

We came up primarily to see the Silo District, where some reality tv stars have built a great shopping venue. I liked it because of the nice place to walk around with Sidney, and the restaurants. It was a good day. We actually settled on an Asian food truck for lunch.

I remember Waco from listening to Ft Wayne AM radio as a kid at night when you could get reception that far away. They were always advertising some product or service by mail, and all you had to do was send some money or a picture of something or some other innocuous item to a P.O. Box in Waco Tx. It sounded kind of exotic. Now I’ve been there. It’s a nice town with some really good food trucks. Looks a lot like Ft Wayne.

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