Palm Springs

We’re in Palm Springs for two nights out of Joshua Tree, and again three nights the following weekend after Idyllwild.

Our raison d’etre is ‘Modernism Week’ when the town showcases its mid-century architecture and vintage cars, furniture, design items, and art. Jennifer has made us a rather full schedule each day touring some amazing small tract houses by well known architects, a host of larger signature homes all over town, as well as attending the vintage sales, and the vintage RV show.

Palm Springs is a unique town in the edge of the desert and literally up against Mt San Jacinto towering well over 10,000 feet. Other than that it could be south Miami Beach. On most days pollution from LA 125 miles away comes through the gap in the mountain and obscures the view from a distance .

Still in town it’s a tourist mecca with an extra dose of chic and you’re not really aware of your lungs filling up like oil spill on the beach. Like most places we’ve been I’d move here in an instant. Every neighborhood in town is peaceful, relaxed and seems comfortable. There are great mountain views from anywhere. Tons of great restaurants. And the weather is nice every day of the year, at least every day in late February!

One thought on “Palm Springs

  1. Love all of the vintage stuff and wonderful homes. I kept waiting for Mrs. Robinson to try to seduce me. Safe travels my friends.


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