Just south of Palm Springs, within the upper reaches of Mt SanJacinto, at 5500 feet, is the little berg known as Idyllwild CA. We scored a sweet little camp spot within an easy walk from downtown, which is made up primarily of tourist oriented shops operated by kids who look and talk like they just hitchhiked down from Frisco to check out this new band called the “Grateful Dead” and they’re helping out with the vintage shop so they can sleep in the owners back yard. There are true hippies everywhere, but after just a few minutes chatting (rapping really is a better term) with the guy with the Doberman in the leather jacket, I realize that in some small towns in Southern California, the ‘60’s just never went away.

In Idylwild they go to considerable effort to make sure it never does.

This is Jennifer’s favorite place we’ve ever been. ( most places are). Vintage clothing, manzanita trees, amazing mountain views- we’ll be back.

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