Fairbanks and Denali

      Alaska is way more than twice the size of Texas, and driving across the vast lonely interior, the size of this land is there in your face for hours at a time. We reach Fairbanks, a truly unremarkable city, early in the afternoon and check into an RV resort to get cell service and wireless that didn’t actually work. 

       The next day Chena Hot Springs was a nice diversion. Set in the wilderness an hour north of Fairbanks, the ice sculpture museum there is kept at 25 degrees F all year using the heat energy from the springs. These pics may not do justice to the bar where everything – the floor, the stools, the bar, and even the glasses are made from ice.  Winter would be the time to visit this resort, when you could swim in the hot water and see the northern lights. 

       Then moving on south from Fairbanks we quite suddenly see Denali as big as a spaceship in a movie taking up half the sky. 

Denali from 50 miles

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