The Alaska Highway


     After two weeks by ferry it’s good to get back on the road through northern British Columbia and the Yukon and then central Alaska.  A person could walk clear across Alaska and northern Canada, and then Scandinavia and all the way across  Siberia back to Alaska without ever leaving this one boreal forest.  Across the Yukon it’s simply hundreds of miles of forested hills with snow capped peaks to the west and every few miles another lake.   Many of the lakes are small and look like the ideal place to have a fishing cabin. Others stretch for miles, and on these warm, almost hot summer days you expect to see boats out skiing or swimming or just cruising.  But here the closest town is a tiny junction or village fifty miles away, and this incredible landscape is just for us to enjoy along with the other occasional travelers passing by. 

      I’ve heard they still allow people to homestead land in the Yukon. Even with the long cold winters to endure, today that seems like an appealing possibility. 

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