T. S. and not D.H. …on the simple life

I went looking and decided it was T. S. Elliott I referred to in my last post, and not D. H. Lawrence. I found another one also from him. “Finding a way to live the simple life is one of life’s supreme complications”.
I’ll admit that living the simple life is not exactly simple, but I think of it more as a pleasant occupation than a supreme complication. T. S. would have benefited greatly from an iPhone.
We’re simply sitting in the shade after a 98 degree day in Sonoma and Santa Rosa, where we had the car serviced and spent the afternoon tooling around the square in downtown Sonoma. We highly recommend it. On this side of the low hills in Napa Valley it’s just as warm, but shade seems to make much more difference out west, and it’s quite comfortable.
Jennifer is watching YouTube videos on how to cut and style ones own hair. I’m drinking a Russian Imperial Stout from a west coast brewery, and Sydney is balefully looking on from her lounge chair, probably thinking about dinner. “Will he fix the dry food with both the Merrill’s canned beef AND that sliced turkey I love… and will there be gravy?” That’s the simple life.
You may have noticed I left out the part about our last stop in Carmel. We spent a day in Big Sur and one in downtown Carmel and Pebble Beach.

It flew by so fast there was no time to reflect on it. We had a great campsite next to a very nice pool and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Maybe the experiences at Big Sur could serve as grist for a novel in itself, like Kerouac’s, but we’re just tourists, so ours won’t be as much about drinking as his. Kidding aside, Big Sur is awesome.
We just rolled into Calistoga yesterday, so there should be more to tell about the wine country before we pull up stakes and go north into redwood country this weekend.

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