Ojo Caliente

Driving on around the enchanted circle to Taos we stopped for groceries and then crossed the Rio Grande Canyon into desert New Mexico in the vicinity of Abiquiu and Ghost Ranch, (made famous of course by the Grateful Dead I suppose).

Our destination is Ojo Caliente, which by now we just love to say. It’s one of those words that rolls off the tongue comfortably, like my favorite sax player, Gato Barbieri.

It’s the name of the river and also the name of the resort built on the site of hot mineral springs that have been popular for thousands of years. We splurged a little on massages and spa treatments and lay around in the pools for two days and three nights. Sydney and I hiked in the desert and we all walked the river trails. It’s hot here, and rather isolated. Oliver’s Store just down the street has beer and ice, so we didn’t suffer.

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