While our friends at home in NC weather the cold snap we bask in a very dissimilar cool snap, alternating between Saint Augustine and Disney’s Campground. For the first time in our year on the road, lying here in bed while Jennifer works, I actually feel a little bit “retired”. Feels good!

Today I have to ride my bike to the store for a bag of ice…and little else. After three days with grandchildren at Disney World, today is my designated zero day, and I plan to wrap up and walk one of the prettiest beaches I know. Breakfast is a no egg salad wrap, which Jennifer makes really great out of tofu. Laugh if you want, I love it with homemade road pickles.

Anastasia State Park is just glorious.

Disney World was like walking through a magic mirror at Walmart and finding yourself in a TV ad. I envy people who go to engineering school, and then use their entire career making kids smile at moving puppets or building 3D banshee rides in Pandora. Sure it’s impossible to get away from the traffic and the crowds and the exorbitant price of everything, but that’s the retired guy in me talking. Walt had a vision, and while it’s way too big now and all mewed up by corporate priorities, it’s still there in the smiles. I wonder if they hire retired visionaries?

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