Hello again!  We disappeared somewhere north of Boston and flew silent through Nova Scotia, up and down the coast of Maine, past a family visit to Delaware and then down through the rain to Thanksgiving with the kids in Asheville.  My failure to post was mainly due to rather cold and often inclement weather that kept us in the ‘shack’ more than usual. We’d like to retrace that NE route earlier in the year next time.  Also, after almost eight months on the road I seemed to be driving faster as we turned toward home, making the final leap from Annapolis in one day. 

     Anyway it was a fine trip, after which I’m still on speaking terms with my wife and my dog.  Moreover we aren’t finished. We set out to travel for a year and we still have the winter to spend in FL, New Orleans, Texas and the border states.  So here we are again, in St. Augustine, prepping for the big push west ? – discussing our menu preferences – rearranging the car – Jennifer laying out her work schedule, and me pondering how I’ll maybe be a better blogist.

      So beginning with a few misc pics from the aforementioned late fall destinations, here we go again!


    Well it didn’t rain everywhere after all I guess. The coast of Maine is maybe my favorite place on the entire trip. This is near Freeport. 

Peggy’s Cove and Halifax, NS.

       Budgeting after we got home we found that by far our biggest expense was eating out!  So much for surviving on beans. We did a lot of boat shopping everywhere we went, but so far we’re still enjoying the trailer life. 


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