A few nights in a hotel in Moline Il.  gave us the chance to have some minor fixes done on the shack (after almost 25000 miles on the road) and afforded me the golden opportunity to TV binge for the first time in months.  Moline is the home of John Deere, whose presence is seen everywhere in the charming little downtown that would otherwise resemble the rust belt. 

     Our hotel was a remodeled warehouse by the river surrounded by other such old buildings filled with craft breweries, restaurants, retail, services and cool markets.  

     This is no vacation spot or haven of the arts or of interesting architectural, but there’s an air of optimism and pride in the little we saw of Moline.  We ate out a lot, made our plans for the next phase and took these great beer pics.

When our little spacecraft was ready we took off past Chicago and followed the lake around and up the lower Michigan peninsula.24BBCEE6-C84F-4709-B070-33C64C03F3BB

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