Ontario is a pleasant drive through amazing fall colors along the trans-Canada highway. We do one night near Ottawa and then land for several nights in upstate NY in the ‘1000 Island ‘ section of the St Lawrence River.  Here the river is dotted with rocky islands, most of them inhabited. The area was a fashionable retreat in the 1800’s and is still a huge summer recreational spot. ADA49FE5-C2C8-497B-87AE-B23B2A056AA5

     I’d have thought it recalled the tropic islands, but sure enough thousand island dressing originated for the rich who built summer mansions here and raced wooden boats on the river. We visited Boldt Castle and lounged around the beautiful little towns for only a couple or three nights before moving on.  


      In Hartford Connecticut we met two of our grand nephews, and I left Jennifer celebrating Halloween at a camping resort to make a brief trip ‘home’.  

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