Heading East

3205188F-D218-4A89-93FB-6BEE61BA18F9  This blog was conceived as a way for friends and family to keep up with our year on the road. Jennifer and I have learned quite a bit about living in a 22 foot trailer, and about each other as well. Jennifer works part time from her computer, which limits somewhat our ability to stay in the wilderness, but also makes the trip easier as I retire and go through the first year without a regular income.

All in all it’s been a blast.  We did what we said we would and a little more. We saw a lot of the west and then went to Alaska, and back. Hawaii was almost an afterthought.  We reached the point of feeling that this isn’t a vacation anymore.  Someone saw our NC tag the other day  and said “You’re sure a long way from home!”. Without even thinking I patted the fender of the car and said “No we aren’t, home’s right here”.

Now, we leave the West coast (we’re already in Wyoming) to wind our way east. We have a ways to go yet, but for the first time we’re thinking of home off in the future, and what we might do after our year is up.  We don’t own a house, at least one we could live in.  We’ve let go of so much of our “stuff” that starting over will be refreshing.  The possibilities are endless, and we intend to explore them all.

4 thoughts on “Heading East

  1. Awesome experience. I’m enjoyed every post and at times tried to envision what it would be like to visit each of these places along your journey. Stay Safe!


  2. Hope you find a nice little place in McDowell County . We sure would love to have you back.
    Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.
    Safe travels.


  3. I have also enjoyed the blog and the amazing pictures. What a wonderful adventure! Thanks for sharing…and hope to see you at Home during the Holidays.❤️


    1. Thanks Sandy!
      Been distracted lately but we hope to catch up a little tomorrow as we’re buttoned up for the NE’er that we’ll see from Cape Cod.


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