The movie’s over, we’re at 30,000 feet headed for Seattle, and it’s time to try describing our week on Hawaii, otherwise known as ‘the big island’.  Awesome. ACC1AF1F-0C9F-4174-8131-8CBDB7A17FD1

     We went to a luau.   Basically the history of Hawaii (at least a very shallow tourist version of it) is illustrated by a highly skilled dance troupe and a Hawaiian music ensemble, while we sit on the lawn of a beautiful beachfront hotel and eat a large meal that features roasted meat and sugary alcoholic drinks. If it wasn’t all that impressive or stimulating it was nevertheless enjoyable for the atmosphere, and the stunning setting and the ladies wearing coconut shells. C8E7F436-E4F8-4609-9775-15DA7A9BBE7A

     We also visited a coffee plantation higher up on the mountain slopes where it rains almost every day. 

     One of the highlights was our visit to NEHLA.  I’ve no idea what that stands for but it’s an ocean science research center near Kona, where they use ocean water from 3000 feet down to generate electricity and perform various other stunning feats in agriculture and seafood production. 

     Then there was the beach and the pool and the sky.  We watched the sun go down every day from the pool with the bar (or maybe the bar with the pool). Every day they blew shell horns and bagpipes as it disappeared

     We visited several beaches, but the best one was at Mona Kea Resort, where you can drive right through the golf course past the Hotel lobby and then walk a fine shaded walkway to this: 

     Hawaii is much more impressive than the luau. There’s a feeling, a peace, a welcoming attitude the folks there all promote, whether it’s trained personnel at a resort, or just someone you meet on the street. Hawaiians really seem to like being defined by the spirit of Aloha.  That gives the word it’s meaning. 

     Back to the present. Almost time to land in Seattle.

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