British Columbia and SE Alaska

     So here we are finally able to post. Cell service is usually available in British Columbia and SE Alaska, but reliable data service is not, at least in any of  the places we’ve stayed. 

Anacortis, Washington through British Columbia and by ferry to Juneau AK

     Our route through British Columbia and then by Alaska Marine Ferry from Prince Rupert has been stunning. One night on the road in Cashe Creek BC at the Hat Creek Ranch.  Our first night of the trip spent in a Walmart lot in Prince George was actually fun and very convenient. Then 4 nights in a Provencial Park by Lakelse Lake near Terrace BC, before running the last hundred miles down the Skeena River to catch the ferry at Prince Rupert.  This part of Canada is not only as beautiful as any country anywhere, it also is so friendly and familiar that it just feels like home

     Cruising on the ferry is wide open water after 1500 miles and more of the great north woods.   We stop briefly in Ketchikan, Wrangell, Petersburg and Kake before unloading the car, the dog and the camper in Sitka for a week of sightseeing. Sitka has several great museums, a bear sanctuary, a raptor center, a thriving arts community, some original Russian buildings, the worlds best collection of totem poles, and about a million bald eagles. We stayed on the harbor and walked every dock looking at boats.  Fishing up here is taking a hit this year, and most fishermen we talked to aren’t very confident about the future.  One day we’ll bring a trawler boat here to spend the summer on the inside passage and wander among the islands. 


Today we got on the ferry again for the nine hour trip to Juneau.  If you’re reading this then we found either a working WiFi or sufficient cell signal to access the internet. I can’t wait to read the news again – I’ll bet the Prez gave that Putin a real good dressing down! 


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