Glen Canyon AZ/UT

April 14 Glen Canyon National Recreational Area.

Our third week on the road begins at Lake Powell. We are still sleeping off the stress and rush of activity that characterized our escape, and we haven’t yet settled into the routine of exercise and diet food we’d envisioned. Curiously, we’ve discovered a hidden talent for finding great restaurants and then emulating their menus on our own. Beans are of course present at all meals, but Jennifer is an expert at imagining every possible variety. Breakfast today was nachos con huervos – two perfect overlight eggs on a bed of nachos. I cooked reubens tonight with kidneys in place of corned beef and a side of potatoes au gratin. The scenery is nice too.

I think I’m becoming my dog. There’s food, and sleep, and rolling in the dirt – and just being with the one I love. Nothing much else is required. The major difference is that I can drive the car, and I have to pay taxes.

So Sedona was amazing. The town itself is a bit Gatlinburgesce, but like Cade’s Cove, the red rocks land is something everyone should see. We took a pink Jeep off-road trip at sunset and got to hear a wolf howl. The chapel of the holy cross is unforgettable. That, and the other “vortex” sites we visited all have fantastic views. Perhaps that’s a clue to the supposed energy and the heightened meditation benefits. I won’t even go into the restaurant scene, but you might write down Mariposa for reference.

The Grand Canyon was what the Grand Canyon always is. It can’t be described. It was clear so that we could see forever. It was also blowing 50 mph gusts at about 40 degrees. Still we stopped at almost every pullout and visitors center until our hands were too cold to open the car door and the dog, who was naked, learned to curse. The painted desert we enjoyed from the comfort of our car on the way to Page AZ, where the weather is suddenly perfect and so are the views.

Right now the wind has picked up again so that before we go to bed we’ve taken down the awnings and secured everything outside. It makes for a cozy little home and a good nights sleep.


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